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WebRC AH-1F Cobra




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WebRC pays tribute to the U.S. military with it's replica of the AH-1 Cobra, one of the first attack helicopters developed by the U.S. military that is still in use today. This remote control helicopter is officially licensed by Bell Helicopter. It features 150+ ft range, multiplayer capabilities and AppRC compatibility.

In addition to it's use as a military attack helicopter, the Bell AH-1 Cobra is also used by the U.S. Fire Service. The Fire Service uses Cobra helicopters to conduct real time fire monitoring using infrared technology and low light sensors.

The WebRC AH-1F Cobra, officially licensed by Bell Helicopter, is a 12 inch long helicopter with auto-stabilizer that can fly in 360° indoors or outdoors (with no wind). In the box you'll find a AH-1F Cobra, a 2.4G remote control, instruction manual, ac charger, rechargeable battery and online game/simulator.

There are 2 review(s) for WebRC AH-1F Cobra


    by CUSTOMER – 8th Aug 2014

    hi u can call me kimo and u can get to my email me at Jett@kealakeheintermediate.org but ihave problems whith my heli because the controller wont use/work the new batteries i got did not workand they were AA batteries and they diddnt work and the ones u gave me in the box did not work so i woud like u to call/email me for instructions to fix it plz help

  • I am so excited to get this remote control helicopter for my kids!

    by Your Name – 30th Mar 2013

    I cannot wait for this remote control helicopter for my kids. They are going to love these for their birthdays, and we will have so much fun together! I am excited about the service plan, it gives me confidence that if the product is flawed or something happens, the company will help make it right. My kids and I love RC toys, and this looks awesome!

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