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WebRC - XDrone Pro




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WebRC XDrone Pro

Product Description:

Capable of flying indoors or outdoors and recording video at up to 20mph. It's 6-axis gyroscope, multi-rotor technology and auto-stabilizing sensors allow the XDrone Pro to safely and smoothly fly up/down, turn left/right, fly forward/backward, lean left/right and perform acrobatic flips while recording video or taking pictures mid-air.

• Fly indoors/outdoors, master flips
• Take a picture or record a video of flights at up to 20 mph with the built-in video camera
• 2.4Ghz Remote Control
• 6 Axis Gyroscope
• Flips & Tricks: backflip-frontflip, barrel rolls, doble backflip and more!
• 20-24 minutes fly time (10-12 per battery)


Product dimensions and specs:
Length: 11.42 in
Main rotor diameter: 5.25 in
Gross weight: 2.8 lb

Camera: 512Mb memory card, can up to 8Gb, 0.3 Mega pixel resolution
Experience level: Beginner - Intermediate
Recommended environment: indoor or outdoor
Is assembly required? No

Battery: 3.7v 500mAh (included)
Controller battery: 4 AA batteries (included)
Charging time: 80 minutes.
Flying time: 20-24 minutes (10-12 per battery).
Flying Range: 150+ ft and 24 XDrones at the same time

Control: up/down, turn left/right, forward/backward and lean left/right.
Frequency: 2.4GHz

In the box:

1 x XDrone Pro
1 x 2.4GHz remote control
1 x ac charger
1 x micro sd card
1 x usb camera cable (mini usb to usb)
4 x front and back blades
2 x re-chargeable batteries
4 x AA batteries for the controller
1 x instruction manual

There are 1 review(s) for WebRC - XDrone Pro

  • A++++ for ur $

    by shawn culp – 31st Oct 2015

    I hv flown a few other drones and the webrc x-drone pro blows the competion out of the water. And best product for yur money. hours of fun bought extra battries great price for assc. also. the stunts u can performis unlimited. blows ur friends minds. bought for son, but i ended up buying another for me im 45 yrs old.

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